The whole web, 3 letters at a time

Available 01/04/15

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Our most precious thing yet

The future is here. The future is wearable technology. Our goal has always been to make websites more accessible. More relevant. And ultimately, more personal. And we thought of people. And their fingers. And we thought, why stop at a watch?

Nettl :ring represents a new chapter in fingers and the internet. It's going to change everything, again, quite a lot.

My Nettl :ring has already changed my life and I don't even have one yet.

Arwen, Cheltenham

Nettl :ring Classic made from old coke cans

Why show a whole website?

Sometimes looking at a whole website can be really tiring. That's why Nettl :ring only shows 3 letters at a time. It's just simpler that way. 47x simpler than Twitter, actually.

With RingSting® Protection

Only websites designed by are guaranteed to work on Nettl :ring.

With our unique RingSting® Protection, you can be confident that all Nettl :ring users will be able to read your website from the comfort of their own finger.

Sometimes long sentences confuse me. I like my words short and sweet, like my men.

Galadriel, Clapham

Nettl :ring Pirate in 4ct synthetic gold with massive red knob

Prevent access with RingFire®

Nobody likes an unexpected intruder. That's why Nettl :ring has special RingFire® encryption built-in.

Your Nettl :ring won't let any old Tom, Dick or Harry slip their finger in. Advanced biometric security detects your unique finger aroma and will snap an intruder's clean off. It'll definitely learn your aroma by your fifth finger, or qualify for a rebate under our RingPutate® plan.

A couple of missing fingers is a price worth paying, to protect my :ring from stranger danger.

Frodo, Glasgow

Share your stuff with RingSmack®

RingSmack® with a friend and transfer a whole sentence wirelessly

(4G connection and steady hand required, sequence shortened)

Revolutionary Eyearrhea-X® display

Nettl :ring comes with new Eyearrhea-X® display. Each display molecule is ionised with stuff which makes it almost impossible to rub off, which is kinda cool. Ions are the same thing as those cannons in Empire Strikes Back, so they're pretty safe.

Each letter on your :ring is rendered in glorious Blue-Ice®, which displays both 'nothing' and 'something' quite well. Virtually all of the stink has been eliminated.

A battery that lasts for hours and hours

Your Nettl :ring will stay charged for up to two whole hours, provided you don't look at it.

Each charge takes only eight hours via our new hi-speed RingHole® charger, which we'll change on the next version.

I love collecting chargers, and asking people "do you have the new charger? But not the new, new one?"

Peregrin, Yorkshire

Choose one :ring to rule them all

Choose one :ring to find you (with optional Find my :ring app) and one :ring to bind you (with 48 month minimum subscription).

Nettl :ring Classic

Already a design icon, the Classic model features a 100% real synthetic diamondella made from authentic acrylic tuff plastic. This is set on top of a rare aluminium ring piece made from old coke cans.

Nettl :ring Pirate

If you really want people to know you're a massive ringpiece, the Pirate model is covered in red solid rhinestone beads and one enormous ruby-like plastic knob. All set into 4ct shiny gold-painted lightweight pressed tinfoil.

Nettl :ring Bandit

100% pure blue polymer, inspired by a sapphire but much lighter. This model has a stainless metal :ring, in a funny shape which will probably catch on your cardigan. Bet you'll buy it anyway. Sucker.

Website built with

This website was lovingly crafted using Brambl, exclusively available from Nettl web studios.

For a limited time, quote "mobilegeddon" and get a website like this, which works on mobile, tablet and desktop from just £299 / (€399 in Ireland).

*Nettl :one Mobilegeddon promotion ends 31/05/15.
Price includes design of single ‘scroller’ page.
Extra pages and content available with upgrade.
Hosting required at UK: £9.99/month (usually £15).
Ireland: €12.99/month (usually €18).
All prices exclude VAT.